Monday, 21 July 2008

Carpet : Minefield Breaching System

For rapid and effective clearing of mine fields, Rafael is unveiling a new minefield breaching system called "Carpet".

The system is a unique implementation of fuel-air explosive technology. It is an autonomous add-on kit that can be quickly fitted in the field to any armored vehicle. For minefield breaching, up to 20 rockets are fired in a rapid sequence. The number of rockets used is tailored for the type of target engaged.

At the impact point, each rocket disperses a spray of fuel above the target area, to form the fuel-air explosive cloud. The detonation creates a strong impulse over a wide area, which triggers most mines, regardless of terrain, foliage or man-made obstacles. The explosion clears a safe passage, wide enough for safe movement of all combat vehicles. Firing a salvo of rockets from a distance of 65-165 meters from the forward edge of the minefield, Carpet enables breaching a considerable path in one minute.

Pre-programmed for automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation, Carpet is operated remotely from inside the vehicle's compartment, under cover from enemy fire. The system can also be reloaded rapidly in the forward area. Unlike the Vipers, firing line charges across the minefields, Carpet rockets contain only liquid fuel, which is flammable but not explosive in regular operating conditions. Therefore, if Carpet rockets are hit in their canisters, they do not cause any danger to the system, vehicle or nearby troops.

Fully loaded, the Carpet launcher weighs only 3.5 tons. It can carry up to 20 x 265 mm rockets, each weighing 46 kg. Fully functional training rockets can also be fired with the system for training exercises, safely simulating the entire operation (without fuel-air explosion). The system can be towed, mounted on the rear of the armored fighting vehicle (as shown on the IDF Puma AFV at EuroSatory 2002) or installed inside an APC.

Minefield Clearing and IED Neutralization

The Carpet is a modern minefield clearing and IED neutralization system that can clear a path of 100 meters in a minefield with high mine clearance efficiency and can neutralize all types of IED’s The system is operated by two members of the vehicle crew from inside the crew compartment in order to achieve maximum protection.

Easily Assembled Launcher

The Carpet system consists of a launcher that contains 20 rockets equipped with FAE (Fuel-Air- Explosive) warheads. The launcher is an autonomous add-on kit that can be assembled easily and quickly in the field onto any main battle vehicle or suitable military vehicle. The system is self contained, with no hydraulic power required from the host vehicle. The system needs only 24V-28V power. The Carpet is the most efficient system in the world for minefield clearing and IED neutralization/ detonation in any terrain and in all weather conditions, while maintaining crew safety.

Operational Characteristics

  • Main Control Unit (MCU) controls firing and testing from within the cabin
  • Cleared path marked with rocket fins
  • No prior operation is required
  • Takes only one minute to complete the mission
  • Quick reloading in battlefield conditions
  • Crew practice enabled with training rocket